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In addition to translation services, the company ‘Korekt-M’ also offers legalization of all kinds of documents needed for Bulgaria and abroad.
Legalization is the process of authenticating or certifying a document for a document to be recognized and used internationally. For a document to be legalized, it has to be certified by the respective issuing institutions and ministries, and this certification verifies the authenticity of the given document. A document is legalized for the purpose of verifying its legitimacy. The complete legalization process of any document finishes when the so called Apostille is affixed to it. According to the Hague Convention, this Apostille is needed for the document to be recognized outside the territory of the issuing country. In Bulgaria, Apostille is affixed by the Ministry of Justice and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A document that does not bear an Apostille shall not be recognized and cannot be legalized in the country where it is intended to be used.
All documents issued abroad and intended to be used in Bulgaria, regardless of their nature, regardless of whether they are original documents or copies, have to bear an Apostille, in order to be translated and their translation to be certified by the Consular Office.
Exceptions to the above-mentioned requirements are countries with which the Republic of Bulgaria has signed Legal Aid Agreements.


The timeframe for legalizing documents depends on the type of documents and the ministries which have to authenticate them. Academic documents (diplomas, certificates, transcripts, etc.), as well as legal (court and notarial) documents take longer to be processed.
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